3D accuracy of implant positions in template-guided implant placement

The aim of this prospective study is to investigate differences between the virtually planned and clinically achieved implant positions in completely template-guided implantations with CAMLOG Guide 2.0.

60 patient cases will be evaluated. The implantations were completely template-based. The data of the planned implant positions were overlaid with the actual clinical implant positions, followed by measurements of the 3D deviations in terms of coronal (xc) and apical distance, height (xh), and angulation (ang) and statistical analysis.

The preliminary results in the mean xc are 0.8 mm, the mean xa are 1.5 mm, the mean xh is 0.3 mm; and the mean ang is 5.5 degrees.

The results of our study are in the same range as those of other studies. Template-guided implantation offers a high degree of accuracy. A clinical benefit is therefore present, especially from a prosthetic point of view.

Learning objectives

  • Templated-guided implantation show high accuracy
  • Perfect implantology-prosthetic planning
  • Novel nonradiologic evaluation method