Digital implant prosthodontics: Recognizing the effort while understanding the potential benefits

One of the recent developments is the application of computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) to produce implant abutments and frameworks from metal or ceramic materials. The more CAD/CAM solutions are available on the market, the harder it becomes to decide on a system. But there are aspects worth considering. The presentation will describe and differentiate the respective production processes of available CAD/CAM Systems for custom implant abutments and frameworks with regard to precision and surface quality. It will emphasize the coordination between the surgical and restorative team and critically evaluates the rationale of CAD/CAM technology and its material aspects in implant dentistry.

Learning objectives:

  • Developing a thorough knowledge and understanding of how CAD/CAM is used in the design and manufacture of a range of components and products.
  • Potential benefits and material limits of customized implant abutments and CAD/CAM superstructures.
  • Identifying surgical challenges and their impact on the restorative outcome.