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King’s Day may well be the best party in Holland. On April 27, the Dutch celebrate King Willem Alexander’s birthday with music, street parties, flea markets, and fun fairs. The king himself travels through the country with his family.


We invite you to party the night away with us.

Enjoy delicious food and great music in the spectacular atmosphere of the Laurenskerk, the only remnant of the medieval city of Rotterdam.

Be enchanted by the unique ambiance, relish in stimulating conversations and dance the night away! Let yourself be swooned by the amazing Glennis Grace and party to hot rhythms and a live band with DJ.

Cost:   EUR 120 per Person

The history: From Princess’ Day to King’s Day
Originally, Princess’ Day was celebrated in Holland on Wilhelmina’s birthday (31 August), when she was still a princess. The feast involved many children’s games and decorated streets. When Wilhelmina became the new queen after her father’s death, it was changed to Queen’s Day. Juliana, the next queen and Wilhelmina’s daughter, celebrated Queen’s Day on 30 April with a parade. Beatrix also celebrated Queen’s Day on 30 April (her own birthday is in January), but contrary to her mother, she took her entire family and travelled around the country to visit several municipalities. King Willem Alexander has followed in this tradition. He was born on 27 April and this became the official King’s Day in 2014.

The celebration
King’s Day is celebrated across Holland with the Dutch donning orange clothes and accessories ready to party. There are street markets everywhere. Tradition dictates that the Dutch Royal family visits one or two municipalities on this day. In addition to the street markets and music, King’s Day tradition also calls for fun fairs. The celebration starts the day before on King’s Night with music shows and parties.

The color: Orange
The Dutch royal family bears the name: House of Oranje. This literally means the color orange. As a result, it has become Holland’s national color. On King’s Day people wear orange clothes, often even donning orange wigs or make-up.