Immediate restoration concept

When indications and clinical conditions are carefully considered, the immediate loading of post-extraction implant restoration is an efficient technique with a high success rate comparable to a conventional delayed loading approach.

Even though, the clinical challenge remains in the implant primary stability and the tissues (hard and soft) healing anticipation at the marginal level, especially in atrophic situations.

The immediate restoration approach should be reconsidered and our planning has to gather all the advantages including the cortical bone anchorage, which was neglected since the wide diffusion of tapered self-cutting implants.

Currently, the strong compression of the cancellous bone with tapered self-cutting threaded implants combined with a digital workflow is considered a modern approach. We can ask ourselves if this is really a modern concept regarding the biological osseointegration speed?

In this lecture, an update on immediate restoration concept based on a private practice will be presented and discussed.


Learning objectives

  • Evaluate the efficiency of a cortical bone anchorage in various immediate restoration situations including atrophic maxillae.
  • Know how to anticipate hard and soft tissue healing in a post-extraction immediate restoration especially in the esthetic zone.
  • Understand how to enhance the biological implant stability and reduce the “stability dip” effect.