Indications for the CERALOG® Implant System – up to 4-years results

In the last few decades, dental implants have become an established treatment for the replacement of missing teeth and the predominant used material today is commercially pure titanium. Zirconia ceramics have been proposed as an alternative implant material. The biggest advantage of zirconium to titanium is obviously the biocompatibility and good esthetic results. CERALOG® implants are showing good primarily stability in the replacement of single missing teeth in the upper and lower jaw (60.08ISQ vs 69.16ISQ). Protocol of immediate or early loading can be suggested for implants inserted in posterior part of mandible regarding a high value of primary stability recorded on more then 30.

Having the opportunity to insert implants in two levels (bone or tissue level) is giving indication for CERALOG® implants in the high esthetic zone. Less plaque accumulation on surface of zirconium implant shoulder and PEKK abutment is also one of zirconium advantages.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the physical and biological properties of zirconium oxide as an implant material
  • Indications and contraindications for use of CERALOG® implants as well as patient selection
  • Success rate over time of CERALOG® implants