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In April 2018, a number of high-profile speakers in implant dentistry will meet in Rotterdam on the occasion of the Oral Reconstruction Global Symposium. Rotterdam with Europe’s largest seaport, is the second-largest city in the Netherlands and is becoming increasingly popular as a tourist destination. Rotterdam is a veritable open-air gallery of modern, postmodern and contemporary construction thanks to futuristic architecture and innovative local initiatives.

The Oral Reconstruction Global Symposium takes place from 26-28 April under the motto „The Future of the Art of Implant Dentistry“. The symposium integrates practical everyday aspects into the world of science and vice versa. New concepts will be introduced and lively exchange regarding the future of oral reconstruction will take place. The Oral Reconstruction Foundation is delighted to present an exciting and versatile program, which also includes numerous pre-symposium workshops. 1,300 participants are expected to attend and once again industry partners have the opportunity to take part in the commercial exhibition during the symposium.

The Oral Reconstruction Global Symposium 2018 strongly believes in the necessary interaction between industry and healthcare professionals for essential exchange on the latest products and services available for improvement in patient care. This exchange is possible via an exhibition area facilitating dialogue between the industry and the professionals.

There will be an industry exhibition area adjoining the main conference hall during the Oral Reconstruction Global Symposium 2018. By participating in this event as a sponsor, your organization will get an opportunity to showcase the latest technology, new products and a chance to interact with more than 1,300 participants at one place.

Are you interested in joining the Symposium as a sponsor/exhibitor?

In order to receive the detailed sponsorship brochure, please contact the congress secretariat at industry@congrex.com.


For further information concerning sponsorship and exhibition, please contact:

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