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Frank-Michael Maier

1998: Graduation from the University of Tuebingen. Clinical training by Prof. Dr. Willi Schulte (inventor of the Tuebinger Immediate Ceramic Implant, founder of the German National Research Center Dental Implantology), Prof. Dr. German Gomez (Esthetic Window), Prof. Dr. Heiner Weber and Prof. Dr. Dr. Norbert Schwenzer.

2000: Doctoral degree in “All-Ceramic Restorations” at the Department of Prosthodontics and Dental Materials Science, Eberhard-Karls-University- Tuebingen, PhD supervisors Prof. Dr. Lothar Pröbster & Prof. Dr. Heiner Weber.

1998-2001: Assistant Doctor in the Private Practice for Prosthodontics Dres. Blind, Stuttgart & Clinic for Maxillofacial Surgery Dr. Dr. Eiche in Bad Cannstatt.

2000-2001: Structured Postgraduate Training in Dental Implantology by Dr. Ashok Sethi (Royal College of Surgeons, London).

2001: Foundation of private clinic in Tuebingen: Zahngesundheit im Loretto

Since 2002 certification as Specialist for Dental Implantology by the Dental Association Baden-Württemberg and German Society of Implantology.

2007-2009 Postgraduate Program Oral Implantology at the Steinbeis University Berlin in cooperation with the German Society of Implantology. Master thesis: “Initial Peri-implant Bone Loss, a clinical prospective study”.

2016-2017 Postgraduate Program Periodontology at the Steinbeis University Berlin in cooperation with the German Society of Implantology.

Since 2012 Member of the board of the Gnathologic Circle Stuttgart (GAK,

Since 2005 lecturer on various aspects of implant surgery, restorative dentistry and gnathology. Current issues: Implant Platform, Soft Tissue Management, Zirconia Implants, Hard & Soft Tissue Augmentation, Endoscopic Sinus Augmentation, Allografts, Guided Surgery, Periimplant Bone Loss and Prosthodontics.

National and international publications on Implant-Abutment-Connection, Double Crowns on Implants, Bone Regeneration, Allografts and Full Mouth Rehabilitations.

2014 JDI Award for „Best Practical Work“ (Journal of Dental Implantology).