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Project Description


Kai Zwanzig

Dentist and Oral Surgeon
Specialist implantology and periodontics

  • Study of dentistry at the university of Münster from 1997-2002
  • Doctoral degree in dentistry
  • Special Dental Surgeon for Oral Surgery
  • Specialization in implantology, bone reconstruction, plastic periodontal surgery, esthetics, function diagnostics, all ceramic reconstructions and intraoral scanning
  • Community practice in Bielefeld in 2007
  • Author of articles in implantology, all ceramic restorations and bone reconstruction
  • Instructor assignments Argon Dental, BioHorizons and Camlog with lectures all over Europe
  • Opening of a new dental office in Bielefeld in 2012 and getting a design award
  • Member of the Leading Implant Centers
  • Accredited as a training and supervision practice by the German society for implantology (DGI)
  • Member of DGZMK, BDO, DGI, DGParo