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Project Description


Oliver Hugo

Master of Science in periodontics and implant therapy
Specialist Implantology (DGZI)
Focus on implantology (DGI)

Graduated Würzburg in 1994, joint general practice in Schweinfurt 1997, doctorate in 1999, founding of the Paro-Impla mailing list in 1999, lecturing activity since 2000, founding of ZSS training institute in 2001, founding member of Dentist’s – Quality – Circle – (ZAEQS), which he has chaired for many years, specialist in implantology since 2003 (DGZI)/diplomate ICOI, focus of activities since 2005 implantology (surgery and restorative), observation/supervision practice of DGZI and DGI since 2007, Editorial Advisor of PIP-Publishing, Germany, 2012-2014 postgraduate Master course in periodontology and implant therapy at Dresden International University, membership: „Neue Gruppe“, DGP, DGI, DGZI, AG-Keramik, „Zukunft Prophylaxe“