Two-implant supported maxillary overdentures – clinical and patient centered outcomes

Statement of Problem
There is limited knowledge of 2-implant supported maxillary overdentures

To know the clinical and patient centered outcomes of 2-implant maxillary overdentures.

Materials and Methods
17 patients have been recruited who were provided with two implants in the anterior maxilla for a maxillary overdenture. Clinical and patient-centered outcomes were recorded.

Clinical and patient-centered outcomes for patients based on a one-year follow-up will be presented.

Preliminary data allows us to conclude that 2-implant supported maxillary overdentures have favorable clinical and patient-centered outcomes. This pilot investigation can be used as a basis for a larger study.

Learning objectives

  • Rationale and Indications for 2-implant supported maxillary overdentures
  • Advantages and disadvantages of two-implant supported maxillary overdentures
  • Clinical and patient-centered outcomes one year after conversion from a complete denture